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Wizards in Space Issue 06: To forage

When working on this call for submissions, we vowed not to use the phrase “unprecedented times.” But we might as well call it what it is. This year thrust us into unwanted and unexplored territory. Through gritted teeth, we’ve become more resourceful, more attuned to what we need and where we can find it. We’ve watched rock-solid foundations crumble down, and we’ve searched in the rubble for scraps of hope. So for Wizards in Space’s sixth issue, we’re seeking words & art that explore what it means to forage, to gather, to fight tooth and nail for survival.

What have you been collecting? What wild seeds are you cultivating? Give us a peek inside your survival kit; share with us stories of tenderness and of resilience. Maybe foraging means providing for others in a time of need, or maybe it’s learning to fend for yourself in the wake of a storm. Maybe what you’ve gathered aren’t things at all, but stories and communities that lift you up and carry you forward. We want handfuls of berries and borrowed candles, your grandfather’s stamps and your family’s home cooking. Give us the treasures you’ve found in unexpected places and the small moments that sustain you. Show us the hope, the rise and fall, the nerve and lack thereof. Show us the pain and healing of it all. Show us what beautiful trinkets you’ve scraped together from the raw materials of the universe. 

As always, we want to see your political and your personal, your faith, identity, truths and dreams. Even if you are not sure your work fits, we want to hear from you.

All submissions will be judged anonymously. Please do not include your name or any identifying information in your submission or in the file name to help us comply with our anonymous submission process.

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