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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The older and wiser this little litmag becomes, the more we’re filled with gratitude for what we’ve grown into. We’re not just a magazine anymore - we’re a community full of writers and artists, creators and curators, readers and dreamers, and a space for the convergence of different ideas, stories, and lives. Like the magic that pulled us into this journey, these issues have become alchemy: sifting together your words & art to create something larger than the sum of their parts. With this in mind, we’ve been thinking about connection and disconnection, pondering what it really means to build such a space and the obstacles that appear along the way, as well as the necessary boundaries that we maintain. 

For our seventh issue, we invite you to submit work on the theme of bridges & barriers.

Tell us about the vulnerability that is necessary in order to reach out to others, to share your secrets, to trust in one another. What barriers have you put up to protect yourself, and when the danger has passed, what does it take to tear them back down? Perhaps the bridge you’ve traveled has been one between cultures or between tongues; maybe you’ve struggled with barriers that are invisible to others but that tower insurmountably in your path. Maybe you’ve had to build your own bridge to rescue yourself from fire and brimstone, or maybe somebody else built it for you and gently carried you to safety.

Give us your poems you carved into every wooden board along the way, your art that paints a picture of true connection between living things, your stories about all the times coming together saved the world. Show us the walls you’ve put up to hold back the floods and the bridges that lifted you out of harm’s way. Tell us what it means to draw lines, between and around and towards one another.

With this issue, we continue our work of bridging creators and readers, writers and artists. And working as ever to break down barriers in the publishing world. As always, we want to see your political and your personal, your faith, identity, truths and dreams. Even if you are not sure your work fits, we want to hear from you.


Wizards in Space seeks writers from all backgrounds, and all writers are encouraged to submit. Voices of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, writers from outside the United States and writers whose first language isn’t English, disabled and neurodivergent writers and artists – we are a safe place for your work. We promise to review every submission with kindness and an open mind.

As you choose what to submit, please keep in mind that we are selective about the themes and images we share with our readers. While we will publish works that contain references to sex or violent scenes, we do not publish erotica and we typically avoid extreme gore and profanity. We will not publish fiction that contains upsetting and graphic images for the sole, explicit purpose of shocking the reader. In works that engage with darkness, we always search for light at its core.

All submissions will be judged anonymously. Please do not include your name or any identifying information in your uploaded document or in the file name to help us with our anonymous submission process.

A note on names: You are welcome to publish your work under whatever name honors you, chosen or given, or you can elect to be published anonymously. You’ll be able to specify during the submission process. (We will still need your info for payment.)

Other notes:

  • Please title all individual pieces.
    • Please use the name of the piece–or in the case of multiple poems or art pieces, the title of the first piece–as the filename.
    • Use discretion about using the names of real people in your work.
    • If your work contains sensitive material, please include content warnings as necessary.

Visual Art Guidelines

  • We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.
  • Artwork must be 300 dpi and in black and white.
  • All artwork must be at least 4.5’’ x 7’’ to fit in the book, and should fit comfortably on a page of that aspect ratio in portrait orientation.
  • Artists may submit up to four pieces, or a comic or visual story up to four pages in length.
  • Lineart and comics print best in our books - please do not submit photographs, as we cannot accept them!

Written Guidelines

  • We accept submissions in DOC, DOCX, and RTF formats.
  • For poetry, up to four poems, one per page, no more than 40 lines per poem.
  • For fiction and creative nonfiction, up to 3,500 words.

What you’re agreeing to upon submission and acceptance:

Writers keep all rights to their work. We ask that you refrain from posting or publishing your piece between when we accept it and when we publish it as a courtesy. We also ask that, after that point, if you publish online or in another publication that you cite Wizards in Space Literary Magazine as its original home.

We may make minor copy-editing or style alterations to the text of an accepted work (things like fixing minor punctuation, changing to house style, etc.), and the author may not see these minor changes before we publish. However, if there are larger structural edits we’d like to suggest, we would never publish those without your permission. The author may refuse to make our suggested revisions and instead withdraw the piece from consideration, but we hope we can find a happy medium. We also reserve the right to add or modify content warnings as part of our editing process.


At Wizards in Space, we believe all creators should be paid for their work. For Issue 07, our pay rates are as follows:

  • $40 per original poem or per page of original art.
  • $20 per reprinted poem or per page of reprinted art.
  • $0.04 per word for original prose, based on final published word count.
  • $0.02 per word for reprinted prose, based on final published word count.
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